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Action course for the company

JFE Kankyo Corporation contributes to the formation of an environmentally sound society.

Code of Conduct

Challenge, flexibility, honesty

Course of action

The board members and employees of JFE Kankyo Corporation observe a strict "Code of Conduct " in their various business activities in order to realize the "corporate philosophy" and follow the "Course of Action" shown below. Our top-level executives publicize the Code of Conduct within the company and consolidate an effective system by providing a thorough regime of corporate ethics at their own initiative. If any act in conflict with the code comes to light, a top-level executive will act personally to resolve the problem and prevent its recurrence. The same executive will also quickly and properly disclose the information on improper conduct through communication channels within and outside of the company, clarify authorities and responsibilities related to the improper conduct, and take punitive actions commensurate with the seriousness of the case.

  1. 1.Provision of proper treatment and services

    Try to offer proper treatment and services based on superior technology to obtain high commendations and the trust of customers.

  2. 2.Open company

    Communicate not only with shareholders but with society as a whole to actively disclose company information.

  3. 3.Cooperation and collaboration with society

    Actively contribute to society by cooperating and collaborating with society as a good corporate citizen.

  4. 4.Globalization

    Have a global perspective, respect every culture and tradition, and try to boost mutual understanding with all people around the world.

  5. 5.Coexistence with global environment

    Coexist harmoniously with the global environment and try to form a comfortable and livable society.

  6. 6.Relationship with politics and government

    Try to maintain and form healthy and normal relationships with politics and government.

  7. 7.Reaction to antisocial forces

    Stand up against antisocial forces and associations that pose threats to the peace and safety of civil society and never comply with illegal or unfair requests.

  8. 8.Respect for human rights

    Respect people in society and employees as individuals and never discriminate against them in business activities.

  9. 9.Meaningful work environment

    Offer engaging, safe, and meaningful work field for employees.

  10. 10.Legal compliance

    Observe laws, uphold fair and free competition, carry out proper business activities, and act with sincerity based on healthy business practices.

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